Following terms used in this document shall have the meanings defined across them. Accordingly;

User/Users: Natural persons provided their personal data, information required in contact forms provided in the web site on their free will and subscribed to the site, or simply visiting web site without providing their personal data

Personal Data: Any information pertaining to natural person whose identity is identified or identifiable,


Any processing of personal information such as obtaining, recording, storage, modification, reorganization, explanation, transfer, take over, making acquirable, classification or prevention of use of personal data by fully or partially automatic system or by non-automatic methods as part of a data recorder system,

Site: web site at address, Act No. 6698: Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)


    This “Information About Personal Data Protection / Personal Data Sharing Consent” contains our policy pertaining to personal data in relation to site services. It explains

  • What kind of personal data is collected by DELTA STAR TRADING

  • How are those personal data used

  • What are your rights about your personal data processed by DELTA STAR TRADING and how to exercise those rights

We as DELTA STAR TRADING, pursuant to Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698; in the capacity of Data Officer, hereby inform you that the personal information we requested for processing purposes in a relevant, limited and responsible manner provided by you on behalf of the company that possess the shares of and/or manage shall be recorded, stored, maintained, reorganized, disclosed to the organizations authorized to legally claim such data, transferred, assigned and classified to the third persons in and out of country under circumstances and conditions set forth by PDPA (Personal Data Protection Law) and process as specified in PDPA in accordance with the objective requiring processing of such data.

Objectives of and legal grounds for processing of your personal data by DELTA STAR;

Based on your application to be authorized dealer and your explicit consent, to evaluate your application, and if your application is accepted, to make authorized service agreement, if your application is rejected, to record personal data provided by you in your authorized service application in order to identify your identity; organize all records and documents to be processed electronically or as hard copy; observe information storage, reporting, notification liabilities specified by regulatory agencies and other authorities.

Persons/organizations authorized to receive personal information for the aforementioned purposes; Organizations and institutions authorized by Personal Data Protection Act and other statutory provisions; public legal persons such as Personal Data Protection Organization, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Customs and Trade; our affiliations and/or our direct/indirect local/foreign enterprises; contracted third persons providing services to and collaborating with DELTA STAR TRADING who are jointly and solely liable for taking data security measures such as protection of your personal data, prevention of unauthorized access as well as illegal processing.

Your personal data can be collected verbally, in writing or digitally; by means of channels such as our web site, e-mail or call center.

  • In respect to your personal data specified in PDPA article 11, you are entitled to

    • Find out whether they are processed or not

    • Claim information if they are processed

    • Find out purpose of processing and whether they are processed for the intended use or not

    • Know the local / foreign 3rd parties that received the personal data

    • Request corrections if they are processed incomplete/wrong

    • Request destruction/deletion of the data pursuant to the provisions set forth in PDPA article 7

    • Request notification of the actions taken pursuant to above sub-clauses (d) and (e) to 3rd persons that received personal data

    • File an objection for any consequence that may be proceeded against you due to analysis by exclusive automatic systems

    • Claim indemnity of the damages incurred against you due to illegal processing

You may send an electronically signed secure e-mail from an e-mail account belonging to you or send a file in “word or pdf.” format addressed to our company and signed electronically and send to mail address or make an application by sending an electronically signed mail to our company’s registered mail address provided on the web site from your registered e-mail address or send a letter bearing wet-ink signature to our company address by courier.


Protection of personal data is an important matter for DELTA STAR TRADING. DELTA STAR TRADING takes necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or loss of those data, misuse, disclosure, modification or destruction. DELTA STAR TRADING guarantees to keep your personal data confidential, implement any reasonable technical and administrative measures and pay utmost care to ensure their privacy and security. In case personal data are damaged or obtained by third parties by means of attacks against the web site and system despite of informational security measures implemented by DELTA STAR TRADING, then DELTA STAR TRADING shall immediately inform you and Personal Data Protection Board.

User/Users agree and acknowledge that they are aware of the fact that accuracy of the information they shared on web site as well as keeping them up to date are important factors in terms of exercising the rights granted for personal data in terms of Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 and other applicable statutes, and they shall be solely liable for consequences of providing false information.


    Your personal data processes for the purposes specified in this “Information About Protection of Personal Data/Personal Data Sharing Consent”; when the objective that requires processing of data is no longer exists pursuant to Act No. 6698, article 7/f.1 and after the expiry of legal terms specified under Turkish Criminal Code article 138, the data will be anonymized and continued to be used.

Governing Law, Authorized Court and Enforcement Office

This “Information About Protection of Personal Data/Personal Data Sharing Consent” is subject to Republic of Turkey Laws. Istanbul (Çağlayan) Court and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized for jurisdiction of any dispute, conflict or claim in respect to the issues specified herein.


User/users agree, acknowledge and declare that they read the above “Information About Protection of Personal Data/Personal Data Sharing Consent” before entering the web site and they will comply with all of the set forth provisions.