Our employee profile is constituted of individuals who are experts in their fields, believe in team spirit, having high motivation and loyalty towards the company , aiming for success, trustworthy and ethical, dynamic, creative, environmentally-sensitive, open to innovation and development, willing to create positive values.

We as Delta Groupsee all of our employees as the most important capital affecting and bringing out company strength and performance in the intensive competitive environment.

Our Human Resources Policy is to facilitate manpower hiring in accordance with company strategies and targets, and improve professional skills of our qualified employees through Human Resources instruments.

General Principles

  • Selection and Appointment

    Our hiring process is evaluated in terms of both cultural suitability to the Group and to fitness for the position. Candidate pools are established with the applications received for the positions, each application is evaluated in terms of position requirements, and the candidates are invited for multiple interviews. Based on evaluations as well as intensive interview and introduction process, job is offered to suitable candidate, targets are identified and mutual agreement is achieved. Candidates who are not offered with the job are informed, and their applications are retained in Candidate Database for any other position openings that might suit their profile. New hires go through a general orientation program and given an opportunity to get familiar with the existing mechanism and organization. Our target manpower conforms to institutional values, has a strong sense of belonging and open to improvement.
  • Performance Management

    A performance management system based on objectives is in place. Employees meet with their line managers to identify general and individual business targets. Evaluation; is performed by individually meeting with the personnel subject to evaluation in accordance with open performance system. 

    Knowledge, experience, competency and performance of our employees are evaluated in order to improve and route their career. Employee training and improvement needs are identified based on evaluation results. 
  • Career Management

    Our priority is to efficiently evaluate, ensure development and plan careers of employees at any level who are continuously achieving their targets, improving their competencies, preparing themselves for the responsibilities beyond their position, willing to take responsibility. Promotions in company may be in vertical or horizontal form as well as multiple responsibilities.
  • Training

    Our objective is to ensure continuous improvement, increase manpower efficiency and contribute to career management by providing training on specific subjects by both in-house and external resources as part of Annual Training Plan in order to prioritize personnel improvement, develop their potentials, increase their performance and sustain it.