Delta Star gained a reputation with a well-established trust and ability to operate with international standards in trade activities over the last 25 years.

International business capability

Delta Star carried out trading operations not only in Turkey but also with multi-national companies in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caspian, Africa and Middle and Far East regions at international standards for many years, thus established a sustainable organization working culture and maintained it with effective working environment supported by quick decision making skills.

Financial Strength

Delta built a long term business relationship both with local and international banks on the back of sustainable and robust financial and business performance and therefore maintained and increased its trading volume by obtaining various financial lines from local and international financing institutions.

Institutional risk management

Company is successfully managing the risks associated with both regional and trade activities, aligned with its experience in both operational and financial management. It has put the necessary processes and procedures to maintain a systematic approach to risk management.

International network

Business relations are established with many international firms and state owned companies thanks to many years of trading experience and track record, as well as sound market knowledge, and the company is accredited by many multi-national companies and therefore expanded its trading network over the many years of operations.