Commodity Trading has a significant role inDelta Group’s over 25 years of activity history. In particular, with the international market knowledge, know-how and experience acquired in oil and gas trade over the years, Delta is a renown and reliable company in Turkey, Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa Regions for its trading activities.

Delta has been involved in various and multinational trade operations that are formed by business partnerships and joint ventures in supply, logistics, sales and distribution in value added fields with refineries, international trading companies, national government oil companies and local distribution companies within the regions of focus for oil and gas field in the last 25 years.

Delta Star expanded its range in year 2013 and stepped into mining field; and included base metal mines to its commodity trading range, focusing its activities primarily on chromium ore and concentrates of which Turkey is one of the top 5 producers on a global scale; as well as general base metal trade purchase and sales. Company’s recent experience in the field; rapidly increasing penetration into the market, introduction of long-term business with suppliers and access to common end-user points helped Delta Star to achieve the objective of annual 100,000 tons chromium ore and concentrate in a short period of time and progress towards becoming a leader in this field, particularly in piece chromium production.

Delta Star is carrying out mine exploration operations in and out of country uninterruptedly , and producing Chromium within a 69 square kilometer Chromium License area owned in Aegean Region. High quality lumpy ore production from the company property fields; is creating a good synergy with trading operations. Rather than being a company that makes Chromium Production and Trading only, company is benefiting from carrying out both operations in the best manner and creating added value; growing its operations with high-quality, product variety, multi-national customer portfolio and diverse supplier network capable of meeting specific demands of all local and international customer networks that work with us, and accordingly maintains a team that is primarily comprised of traders, having high level of know-how and many years of experience in these fields.

Chromium Mine and Ore supplied by the company have the most demanded ratio properties; therefore the product exceeds expectations of Chinese metallurgy industry, a significant end-user of this product.

Delta Star; is a trading company that established long-term relationships with local and regional producers both in oil and gas and base metal commodities such as chromium; has quick and strong access to global buyers in the international markets, has a robust financial structure and credibility to enable increased trading activity, and hence is focused on growth.