Institutional history and reputation, organizational structure and understanding are the most essential factors that make difference in trading activities.

We are creating efficient solutions with a well-reputed, experienced and qualified team, and acting with an awareness of accountability towards the community and all business partners.

We are executing our trading operations through following units based on our organizational structure:

Trade Management :

Our Traders aims to grow and diversify both national and international trade volumes by creating a continuous added value together with our buyers and sellers.

Operations Management :

Our operation units are responsible for the most efficient land and marine shipments from production of the goods until delivery to end customer throughout commodity trading chain, execution of quality control, customs checks, storage and full supervision throughout the trading operations.

Financial Management :

This unit is responsible for setting forth financial terms and conditions pertaining to commodity trade, arrangement of payment procedures such as letter of credit, letter of guarantee and escrow accounts, ensuring maintaining of trading activity in accordance with financial risk management controls, ensuring that financing and accounting systems are carried out at international standards in a manner supporting the overall trading activity.

Legal Management :

This unit is responsible for ensuring conformance of any agreements made during commodity trading with international laws and practices, defining and maintaining all processes throughout the trading deal, as well as responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the international agreements, abiding by the pertaining laws and regulations.

Business Development Management :

This unit is responsible for improving the diversification of commodity trade operations, improving and sustaining various collaborations in that respect with third party counterparts.